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Comments on “Got any spare change? Give it to Romania” – Reuters

The Ministry of Finance from Romania announced that “Solidarity Fund” was created in order to give a chance to demonstrate a solidarity with the persons affected by crisis. I personally consider that is a pale measure, that would not cover the enormous needs, but it is something.

Please see the official announcement – press release – source Ministry of Finance:

“Ministry of Finance opened by National Treasury, account “of the state budget revenues – Donations for the mitigation of economic crisis.

In this account can donate funds in Romania any individual (not corporate). Account was opened on May 26, 2010. It will be administered by the National Treasury.

There are two ways of donating money, either by cash, at the Treasury’s cashiers or by order, whereby donors pay the amounts in the account in the Treasury.

Account is transparent. Left to those who donate money to decide whether they will be made public and the amounts they donate their behalf. Under the heading “Tax Identification Code” will include CNP’s individual donor for those who want public disclosure of the identity and amounts donated, or tax identification code assigned to the State Treasury – 8609468 – if donors do not wish to publish their identity and amounts donated.

Identification and the amounts donated will be published on the website MPF within 10 days of the expiry of the payment current month.

Donations can be paid by individuals and through employers, the maximum amount due from their employer, based on written arrangements of donors, which will specify the amount of the sums to be donated. The amounts donated will be paid by employers by them, based on orders, made separately for each donor.

Amounts collected on behalf of the National Treasury is open as income to the State Budget. They will be taken into account in budget revisions.”

Before or in the same time Reuters published an interesting article, taken by all the Romanian mass-media. The article is called “Got any spare change? Give it to Romania”, reporter Ilinca Ilie, editing Paul Casciato.

Here are some comments:

Tim: “I guess its time to go back and Visit Romania again! Maybe it will be even cheaper! I recommend the town of Brasov.”

Tim: “Arghhh. You guys NEED to set up paypal. I will donate $5. Paypal will make you MUCH more money. DO IT!”

Ash: “It’s sad when the world is so financially unstable that we’re asking for donations. However, I’d gladly donate, I wish there was a way that I could. Romania is a beautiful country and I’d hate to see it collapse financially. Let’s just hope this madness ends soon.”

George: “Alexia, you’re comments are so very true, you do have a beautiful country and it is truly a shameful display of communisim encroaching your system once again….I wish you God’s best and truly Miss Romanian, you do have a wonderful country with beauty abound, and its a shame that your communist regime has not left your beautiful country,. The chuch is making a ral consumtion of the funds Romanian people need. If anyone can maie a contribution, go there and see this wonderful land of promise and beauty. The people are wonderful people and it they that need our help not theri political thieves.”

Ian: “The reason a pants belt has many holes is in good times it expands and in bad times it tightens and that goes for any overspender (country or person)” – I like this comment.

Alexa: “Ok, i live in Romania, and i m sad to agree with most of the comments here. This “Solidarity fund” is just a sparkle to keep the media away from the robberies that are done from the public budget. What s the use in contibuting to a fund that will be spent by corrupt high officials?…All the good payin jobs are already taken by comunist or relatives, and we don t stand a chance of getting it untill they die. Romania is a very beautiful country, too bad it s inhabited!”

B: “I have been to Romania many times to help and after what I have seen I wouldn’t donate 2 cents to that corrupt country full of con-artist!!! I have been to many places around the world and have never seen a place with so many bad people! especially in the city of Bucuresti!!!”

Brownen: “The Romanian people who are suffering are not those who have left the country, some of whom are known as criminals in other European countries. The real victims are the elderly who suffered for years under the Communist regime, have just had their minimal State pensions cut and cannot survive on what is left.”

Hugh A.: “I ran an e-commerce website and all the crooks were from Romania. They’ll get none of my spare change.”

Ashuvyahu: “We have a fund like that in the United States to curb the national debt. Unfortunately, there is little incentive to contribute to such a fund that squanders many times its size every month. If government finally controls its spending and lives within its means, then perhaps more would contribute. Meanwhile, good luck to all that.”

Nate D.: “I love their lettuce.”

Andrew D.: “I inadvertedly gave a generous amount to some Romanians while on vacation in Spain a few years ago. It wasn’t by choice though.

After all these information, please take the poll and let me know about your personal opinion. Thank you for your time spent here!


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