Posted by: mbconsulting | June 23, 2010

Debate – Mr. Cristoiu on blog?

Today, Mr. Ion Cristoiu, former director in different newspapers from Romanian, decided to start his own blog. The announcement was performed on Underworld Bar, and the debate “Blog and mass-media” was facilitated by Mr. Horea Mihai Badau and by Tibi Lovin.

Mr. Ion Cristoiu was happy to present his e-reader Kindle on which he read the newspapers and books. He declared that he did not miss the sound of paper pages because he could carry all over with him more than 3,000 books.

How will look Mr. Cristoiu on blog? He does not have a clear idea, but how clearly know about it looks? Hearing that Tibi Lovin has 4,000 visits per day, Mr. Cristoiu decided to fight for a top position. What surprised me was the need to put a face or a name to the person that would comment on his posts. He also mentioned that in Romania, especially in politics there are three groups that are posting comments: one belong to PSD, another one to PNL and the last one to PDL. Maybe…

Mr.Cristoiu also told us how to use your knowledge, your fleer, and the sources when you want to write or to check a news…

But, the most interesting story was how Mr.Cristoiu organised the presentation of news from Irak, in 2002. Everything was planned in details, in spite of the lack of high technology.

Mr. Cristoiu held two hour debate, facilitated from time to time by short and quick questions or comments.

Professor Richard Andrew Hall, a researcher of the events of December 1989 in Romania, points out that Mr. Cristoiu promoted closed security interests were held in publications led by Ion Cristoiu.


  1. Cine l-o baga in seama pe individul astaasta unsuros si bilbiit? Gindirea lui il face sa paleasca de rusine si pe un copil!

    • Thank you for your comment. Now is my turn.

      Each person has the right to an opinion, isn’t it?!?! Even if the guy is not looking so well nor trendy, he has the right to speak, to write, to give an opinion, like you.

      Be specific, with arguments, if you want to say something and let me know asap.

  2. Faci pe niznaiul. Nu la defectele fizice faceam referire ci tocmai la moralitatea lui de vierme ipocrit!

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