Posted by: mbconsulting | June 24, 2010

Opinion – About Romanian Intellectuals

Alina Mungiu- Pippidi wrote an article about the attitude in Romanian society regarding intellectuals and particular regarding their connections with Romanian “Security” as the community understand, percept, accept and comment on these issues.The title of the article, from which I understood that is announcing a serial, I suppose, with more than one article, is eloquent: “The real betrayal of the intellectuals – part I”.

Ms. Mungiu- Pippidi took under discussion the story of one intellectual: Adrian Marino the reactions coming from the inside circle of so-called “intellectuals” regarding his “collaboration” with political police from “Ceausescu” era. Adrian Marino is compared with Noica, as Noica after his liberation from jail, Marino had to talk with persons that placed on important role in political police, but nothing more. Also Ms. Alina is mentioning well-known Romanian intellectuals, such as Eliade and Cioran, that simply were accepting some privileges, such a foreign scholarship abroad, instead of sharing a devastating life in 40s years in Romania, with their friends and/or supporters…

Ms. Mungiu is mentioning two possible ways to promote values outside Romania: one way in which Romania is showing the uniqueness of its Romanian values, and another way, in which Romanian intellectuals adhere to, coupe with universal culture, the last way considered by the author to be more efficiently and more rational, easily integrating our culture in the international circuit of the well-known and respected values.It seems that, over time, the last approach was mostly used.

I agree with Ms. Mungiu-Pippidi when she raised a question regarding real and true models for our youth in Romanian society. Yes, the mass-media and their leaders are facilitating and sometimes imposing standards regarding values, but I consider that each person, taking the advantages of new technologies and different sources, may filter the information and took opinion when there are exaggerations.

I do not forget easily how Ms. Herta Muller was thrown in mud by a person that supervised her as a political police. In this case, the opinions were firmly expressed, probably, also because she was now Nobel Prize winner.

I think sometimes we need time when we want to express an opinion regarding someone or something. Maybe somebody else easily manage, is quickly reading, is setting his/her mind in a minute, with all shedding harnesses and come with an opinion. But is this one relevant? In almost all the cases, the answer is no …

I have no more stress or pain, I would like to let Romanian creativity, geniuses to express themselves, to be tired, to learn more and subsequently detected, at the end, single, as a person, or in group, band or community about what was good or not so good.

I am convinced that we all are reaching at the last stage, analysis, because we live in an opened world, in a globosphera where you can not hide and even if you hide, a mobile phone will soon ring, or a laptop will beep, something that will instantly detected and located you. So attempts such as retreating into a cave, or put your head into the sand, all these attempts belongs to the past, I firmly tell you, in fact belong to a distant past. Unfortunately we, Romanians, as a society, we are still in advanced stage of childhood, and there is no certainty that we will overcome this long stage from our life cycle.

In conclusion I encourage tolerance to multiple opinions, respect for all of them and patient, because always the best will come in time. It is like a wine that is coming better and better as the time is passing, of course, if initially the wine had a certain value…


  1. It was really awesome post!
    Thanks a lot for sharing..

    • Thanks for your comments. Keep in touch.

  2. i love to read, this type of writing.

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