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Last minute- The Night of Cultural Institutes

    For the last minute – today I recommend the Night of Cultural Institute the following:

    Polish Institute/ Hungarian Cultural Center /
    Wallonia-Brussels Delegation
    Gina Patrichi str (formerly Orlando) no. 8
    2.00 – Guitar Summit
    Guitarists Cichoński Leszek (Poland), Paolo Lover (Wallonia-Brussels) and AG Weinberger (Romania) for voice and flute accompanied by Ádám Török (Hungary) will join for a concert the night Institutes resounding in the central courtyard.

    British Council
    Calea Dorobanţilor nr. 14

    21.00-21.30 – Neil & James’ Concert
    Professors at the British Council by day, Neil & James turns into megastars own soundtrack and this year the Institutes for Culture Night!

    21.30-23.00 / 01.00-2.40 – British Projection Animation Awards (BAA) 2010
    Best animated short film awards in Britain in 2010.

    Czech Centre Bucharest
    Ion Ghica Street no. 11 (near the Russian Church)
    2:00 AM THE Stolen Airship
    Ukradená vzducholoď, Rep.. Czech, 1966, 88 Min.
    Director: Karel Zeman
    VO Czech / subtitles in Romanian
    Story is based on Jules Verne’s book “Two years holiday. Findeys Contractor shall submit a dirigible filled with non-flammable gas at the Jubilee Exhibition in Prague in 1891. Five boys (Jakoubek, Tomas Petr Paul Martin and twins) are invited for a free flight. They take flight without a crew and get on an island somewhere in the ocean. They find here Home Captain Nemo and his Nautilus ship port. Airship is wanted by the army because it is hidden in a box with his inventions Findeys. Ardan journalist from the tabloid Světozor, is also looking for survivors. The boys are finally saved Cehului Tenfield when it helps suppressing a revolt of the sailors. However Zeman presents a humorous exaggeration, the nostalgia for the era inventions.

    Cervantes Institute
    12, Marin Serghiescu
    22.00 – film projection, El Greco, directed by Iannis Smaragdis (Greece, Spain, Hungary, 2007, 119 minutes). Program offered by the Greek Cultural Foundation.

    El Greco is a film dedicated to Domenikos Theotokopoulos, one of the most important Greek painters. Filming took place in the city of Heraklion in Crete (where born and who grew to be known as El Greco), the island of Rhodes, in Athens and in several localities in Spain. Music is signed by Vangelis, who has worked, so a second time with director Yannis Smaragdis after film Kavafis 1996. According to Yannis Smaragdis film El Greco “is the epic story of a Greek artist who refused to compromise, a freedom fighter. It is a journey of light, in its attempt to transcend his time and darkness to reach the divine realm.

    03.15 – Hay motivo!
    Spain, 2004, v.o. Spanish, 100 min., subtitles in English

    A total of 32 shorts made by filmmakers who denounced Spanish political and social situation in Spain 2000-2004.

    In addition to events in the program, offering visitors courtesy Salsa Picante restaurant, sangria, tortilla patatas and the refreshments.

    French Institute
    77, Dacia street

    17.00-02.00 – shorts, Lardux Films projections Elvira Popescu Hall
    Saint feast (Le Saint feast), 2007, 15 min., Reg. Annelaure & Leo French version
    Cowboys are not afraid to die (Les Cowboys n’ont peur step of mourir), 2009, 17 min., Reg. Annelaure & Leo French version
    Under bark Silence (Le Silence sous l’ecorce), 2010, 12 min., Reg. Joanna Lurie, without dialogue
    Hatching (Eclosion), 2006, 8 min., Reg. Jerome Boulbes without dialogues
    Trunk (Le puits), 1999, 8 min., Reg. Jerome Boulbès without dialogues
    Igor & OLAF, 2005, 5 min., Reg. Pierrick Bisinski, French version
    Rebel heels (escarpins Les sauvages), 1995, 14 min., Reg. Poiraud Frères, French version
    A cow will jump over the church (in Vacha qui voulait sauter par dessus l’Eglise), 1997, 8 min., Reg. William Cartridges, without dialogue
    Your Death (In Your dead), 2001, 9 min., Reg. Jerome Boulbes without dialogues
    And they’re hungry fools (On the drink être staffs, on the fame quand meme), 2001, 13 min., Reg. Annelaure & Leo, without dialogue

    Italian Institute
    12, Marin Sergheiescu

    Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (Italy, 1988, 155 min)
    Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
    Screenplay: Giuseppe Tornatore
    By: Salvatore Cascio; Marco Leonardi, Philippe Noiret, Jacques Perrin
    Music: Ennio Morricone
    Salvatore Di Vita, a noted director, while living in Rome has Sicilian origins. He grew up in a city that never returned thirty years. One evening receives a call from her mother who brings news of the death of his friend Alfredo. Then decides to return home for burial, but once arrived at their destination, is overwhelmed by memories of childhood memories it brings back the ’40s when, as a child, his love for film is interwoven with the stories of everyday the city’s only cinema, Cinema Paradiso, where his friend worked as maşinist.Pe now disappeared during a long flashback to see what shape the relationship between Salvatore and Antonio, who adopted him as a son and take him with him every day in the projection booth. For Salvatore that world becomes magical: a haven where you learn the trade secrets where you live transition from childhood to adult life and where you find love.

    Meanwhile feel like a rolling stone and enjoy the events:

    Have a cool night!


  1. ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.

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