Posted by: mbconsulting | June 29, 2010

Alert- Mr. Patriciu you are an i***t!

In a few cases I decided to address hard words.

But today for Mr. Patriciu I will do it!

Today it was enough for me to see and article in which Mr. Patriciu, the father of the adjusted movies promoted in election campaigns, the father of unpaid debts to Romania, the father of arrogance, is stating that the agreement with IMF is nothing and dis-considered, if he ever considered, all the benefits brought by this agreement.

I would like to underline that one year ago there was organised a terrible campaign on internet insisting to Romanian citizens not to support the memorandum of understanding between Romania and IMF. One ex-colleague sent to me that e-petition. He was supporter of PNL.

I remembered that I look at it, I read and after analyzing the information I decided not to sign it and also email to that person mentioning the reasons for which I disagreed with it. One of the point mentioned there it was that the campaign was organised by PNL and demonstrated why i believed that. But, this was not the reason for which I disagreed on it. You could never imagine what a scandal started on email, that I was really shocked and for that moment I decided that was time for a break with that person that has not reasons except the ones that he was imposing.

Therefore, fair well Mr.Andrei and fair well Mr. Patriciu!!!

I promise to you that it is the first and the last time when I use these words here!

Happy summer holiday to you all!


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