Posted by: mbconsulting | June 29, 2010

Should I Trust on Romanian Justice?

Should I Trust on Romanian Justice?

Three cases and the answer is yours.

Case 1. Last summer, the Romanian justice, taking into consideration that was not other possible appeal against it, organised a strike that blocked for more than 3 months the whole juridical system in Romania. No trials, only two hours per day to record documents or to see the files. There were huge tails and nervous people. It was in sane what was happened.

Who cares about?

The members of Romanian justice did not care one single minute of the Romanian citizen that had a problem and got no other possibility except the one to go to court, where is not a happiness to deal. The justice system did what it wanted to do without respect for taxes payers and people in need.

It is good or not, the answer is yours.

Case 2. Last fall, the Romanian government took the full responsibility for pension law because the pension fund is not stable. The Parliament opposed and the government was dismissed. The payment for Romania, until the end of the year, was an increased debt with 1,3% GDP.

Who cares about?

This summer, again, the Romanian Government assume the responsibility for the pension reform. This time, the government pass the no-confidence motion, but the Constitutional Court rejected a few articles as non-constitutional. The vote was on limit and a former prosecutor, actual politician and chief of a left-wing party, declared on tv that UDMR blocked the reform for pension fund. That guy affirmed there was an understanding between PDL and UDMR to settle Mr. Puscas, the Constitutional Court member proposed by UDMR of as President, but this understanding was not fulfilled by PDL and therefore the law for reform of pension fund was rejected as non-constitutional…

Still need reform for pension fund because the fund is not sustainable.

It is good or not, the answer is yours.

Case 3. A few months ago there were announced available position for Romanian magistrates, but the system for promotion was not transparent and based on certain professional criteria. More than two hundreds lawyers, mainly young people, asked for refreshing the promotional criteria. For example, there was not possible that in the morning your file as candidate to be rejected and in the same day, in the afternoon, the same file, for the same person, to be accepted in the afternoon.

Who cares about?

The promotional criteria are very important as there are the basis for promotion based on professional criteria and not on political ones. The professional promotion must be stated in fact and not only in words. There were only a few brushes and put the whole old system in place again.

It is good or not, the answer is yours.

And this is not all about Romanian justice and enough for today…

Have a nice relaxing summer holiday,

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