Posted by: mbconsulting | July 1, 2010

“Stars and Stripes” Dessert … And “Over 21” Independence Day Jello-Shots** (via Italian Handful)

Look here, there is a way to be ready for 4th of July!
Be prepare for the Big Celebration with Stars!

Hurry, there is not so much time left!

PS. Please, let me know if you succeeded, and sent me a photo with them! Thanks and good luck!

"Stars and Stripes" Dessert ... And "Over 21" Independence Day Jello-Shots** Flags, drums, parades, music, celebration in the neighborhoods, the parks, the beaches. Fireworks, picnics, watermelon, silly games and three-legged races, buffets of favorite recipes, families, children, friends,neighbors, a holiday giddy with anticipation and full of freedom. A time to celebrate our independent, free think … Read More

via Italian Handful

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