Posted by: mbconsulting | July 7, 2010

Musically Promiscuous? (via Gadgets, Technology & Photos)

I like this post,but much more than this I like the blog and how everything is melted here from music, pictures, places, nature and technology.

Musically Promiscuous? It struck me recently how my music listening habits had changed over the years, not only in terms of what I listen to but more importantly how I listen to it. Whilst I don't totally live in the musical past, like most people I do have a draw to the music that I grew up with. For me that's the late 70's and 80 when music was delivered on vinyl, tape and CD. The thing to do back then was to put the album on and listen to it all, probably several ti … Read More

via Gadgets, Technology & Photos


  1. To me, 90’s music was awesome. I remeber the first tape I bought was a Michael Jackson album.

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