Posted by: mbconsulting | July 8, 2010

Romanian Administration Finally!!! – Reduction on high rank jobs

I happily announced that today the Prime Minister, Mr.Boc, announced the reduction of the top rank jobs in Romanian Administration.

The number of the secretary of state will be reduced to two, with three exceptions: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs that will maintain the current number of secretary of states.

Also the number of Deputy Prefects at the level of each county will be reduced: from two to only one position. A few years ago I saw different organisation charts at the level of Prefecture and always surprised how there were over lapping tasks and activities between the Prefect and Deputy Perfect.

There is all necessary to underline that the number of Deputy Prefects was doubled during 2004-2005, as the former coalition D.A. established between the two parties PNL and PDL, required to have representatives from each party in the institution of Prefecture in spite of the fact that the legislation imposed no political implications.

There were a lot of compromises that were performed during that period and now all these are coming back as excesses in state budget.

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