Posted by: mbconsulting | September 10, 2010

Where were you on 9/11? (via Mike LaMonica’s Blog)

In that day, as not usually, I was early to my apart coming from the office before I traveled outside in the county.

I could see on TV, again and again, and I could not believe.
Even now for me it is difficult to accept what it was really happened in that day!

The next day I admired the behavior of Americans that simply decided to wear a small US sign with them and to demonstrate to the whole world that US is a big nation that can not be destroyed!
I will always remember the desire of people to donate blood for the potential survivors!

For my point of view, these were the most remarkable pieces of solidarity with the victims and their families!

Where were you on 9/11? We all knew where we were that morning. I happened to be in Upstate New York when my phone rang.  Before I could even say hello I heard, "a plane just hit the World Trade Center." I didn't have TV at my little farmhouse in Woodstock, NY so I ran to my neighbor's house.  Then the second plane hit and, in an instant, in my mind, I said, "they got us." That started a strange series of events.  In my tiny town, there were Army vehicles at the end of … Read More

via Mike LaMonica's Blog

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