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2010 Parking Day – Bucharest, First time in Romania

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Well, it was 17th of September, 2010, a beautiful day, like a summer one even if here is near by fall. I did not feel the blow of wind, nor the drops of rain. It was only the bless of sun and the happiness of day that was celebrated!

Parking Day was for the first time in Romania, I attended it in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

The Day was organised by RFI, supported by Romania Libera – Romanian newspaper, ROMPREST, and sponsored by APA NOVA – French Company.

Here is the article signed by Liliana Simionescu in

“Dozens of cars surrounding two square feet of lawn chairs, a yellow sun umbrella, a small table with leaflets on environmental issues, and some free bike rental. It was found in parking at the University of Bucharest in the first fountain of PARK (ing) Day in Romania. People say relax by cycling a good idea into a busy day. “It is very good for such longer prevent loading the atmosphere with pollution, especially that huge parking problem. I am an architect and know all the problems with heavy traffic,” I said a young woman who just wanted to get on a bicycle.
The landscape was different in each place. For example in Victoria Square to the Government through the foolishness of parked cars I found Mihai Alexandru Calin and the Organization FuturePlus. They sat on chairs at a small table next to them was “recycled” bicycle that goes on at companies and raise paper and the money raised to buy trees that are planted later in deforested areas. I asked how carries Antonian into a bicycle rickshaw adapted to carry as much paper. “It depends on how we are called, the most I carried 600 pounds of paper per day, I think I exceeded 14 tonnes so far. It’s hard in traffic because many do not comply with the cyclists.” Antonian who says proudly shows me a series of newspaper articles that appeared.
Another place of PARK (ing) but another landscape. We reached the parking lot at the Romanian Athenaeum. Bucharest there and waited for a few square meters of grass a table with dozens of books to browse. I returned from my journey PARK (ing) Day at the University where the border near the fountain observe a pair of sandals and one from Tennessee. Two young men were brave to feel the grass barefoot. “It’s very good. The grass is wet and is just a little better so that heat is the last day. The idea is very good but I’m sorry it’s small space. I wanted and more grass.” I said one young barefoot. The other, left his backpack on the curb and walk barefoot through grass. “It is very hard, it’s pretty cool. Now tickles a bit when I move, I fall through your fingers. I forgot that feeling. It’s sad that a few patches of grass would Trbuse be much more frequent and more. We should all parking disappear, “says the young non-conformist who felt the skin of PARK (ing) Day.”

A relaxed citizen,

P.S. What a big day is 17 September is for me… It is my mother birthday!

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