Posted by: mbconsulting | October 4, 2010

Another Suicide. Not Just a Number. (via Talk About Equality)

Such a sad story! Sure, he was not a number.

But did we do all the best from ourselves to stop the drama? I believe that the answer in NO!

Therefore let’s try from NOW ON to make a difference and stop the drama and the counting of suicides!

I am coming near by you and help them, help us!

From Bucharest, ROMANIA
with love and respect

Another Suicide. Not Just a Number. On Wednesday night, openly-gay 19 year-old sophomore Raymond Chase took his own life by hanging himself in his dorm room. He was studying culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. And he became a number in a terrifying list of gay child suicides this month. In moments like this, it's difficult to find more tears, more sorrow. It just goes straight through to anger now. But we cannot let any of these children just be another … Read More

via Talk About Equality


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