Posted by: mbconsulting | October 4, 2010

The Daughter Hat: Parent Phrases (via Life as I know it)

The most funny thing was that my daughter, when she was around 14 y.o. repeated after me a phrase, word by word, when she was addressing to her parent and said angry: ” You want me to do only what YOU WANT, YOU do not care about me!”

I considered funny because these words were said by me, word by word, a few days after the marriage ceremony and at that time my daughter was not even in our planes…

See what I mean!!!
In silence,at that moment, I concluded that the master of distraction was her parent and not me…Or, I and my daughter have too many things in common.

But live is beautiful, and time is passing among us and now my daughter is a mature adult.

The Daughter Hat: Parent Phrases Now that I'm a mother, I find myself saying the silliest things to my 8-month old daughter. The other day, she started crying because I took away her snacks. She had way too many and it was time to get ready for bed. She looked up at me, pushed out her lower lip and started to scream. This wasn't a "ahhh, look how cute she is" kind of cry, but rather a "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Give me back my snacks. NOW!!" kind of cry. In that moment, I turned … Read More

via Life as I know it

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