Posted by: mbconsulting | October 19, 2010

Thanks for Not Smoking (via Pushing Thirtyy)

I don’t smoke and, sorry to say, hate smoking!!! just because…
When I was kid my brother was smoking and this was done in my bedroom!

Never ever smoked, but I think that I did not lost anything.
Nice blog!


Thanks for Not Smoking Last week, I arrived late at night to a hotel on a business trip.  I couldn’t wait to get into my room and just relax.  On the first try, they sent me to a room that was already occupied by my photographer (somehow they thought we were sharing a room and I was not about to share a room with my male colleague, though it did make for an interesting story the next day)  So they gave me another room.  At this point, it’s about 11:30 at night and I ha … Read More

via Pushing Thirtyy

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