Posted by: mbconsulting | October 24, 2010

Honesty is…usually the best policy (via Unmotherly Insights)

All about in a short story about another marriage, another family and kids.

A mother has a hard discussion with her kid.
Great story, hard talks…
Finally, the kid was released after receiving answer about a new possible marriage.
You know that kids like to feel secure and reject unknown…

Beautiful story an therefore I share it with you,


Honesty is...usually the best policy Telling your kids the truth is essential. O.K., not including conversations about recreational drug usage, alcohol, premarital sex or cigarettes. My two closest friends happen to be married to men whose names rhyme. It’s a weird coincidence that I didn’t really even notice until this morning in the car, when my 10-year-old son Levi, for no apparent reason, said, “It’s too bad you aren’t still married to Uncle Larry, mom. Because then there’d be C … Read More

via Unmotherly Insights


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