Posted by: mbconsulting | October 27, 2010

A Pale Romanian Reply – “Romanians, Yes, We Can!”

My post is coming after watching how debates were proceeded in Romanian Parliament regarding motion: “Romania of the majority, popular motion” and when finally the motion was rejected.

It is my hope perspective about what and how can be done in Romania.

It may be considered a weak and pale reply to a well-known motto that brought in USA a new President, Mr. Obama, but may be considered a way to go on for Romania.

The above mentioned motion was proposed by PSD – former communist party – left-wing party, and supported by PNL – a central right-wing party.

So the motion has had 205 signatures supporting its submission to the Romanian Parliament and received only 219 votes of support, an increase of 14 votes after 7 days of discussions, but an insufficient number of votes comparing with the minimal number 236 votes needed for approval.

PSD missed 17 votes, about as many that were missing when the previous motion was submitted in May 2010 and was also rejected by Parliament.

Is it worth the effort of PSD in this trial?

What was the cost covered by the PSD and their affiliated trade unions in this adventure?

What is the image of Mr.Ponta – the new President of PSD- and / or PSD in front of their electorate?

Who will follow them on the next meetings – street actions – that will start most probably in the spring of 2011?

I think that it’s time for us, Romanians, to start working, to leave politics and politicians, to let and to support the work of government as this was agreed with the IMF and to accelerate implementation of measures agreed with it.

A little more determination I would like to come from the Romanian Government!

Today, the replica coming from Parliament was weak, but on a long run, this may be considered an Romanian adaptation to a well-known american logo: “Hi Romanians, Yes, We Can!”

Next expected steps until the end of the year:
1. Implement the law for salaries in the public sector;
2. Continue to reduce the staff in the public sector;
3. Adopt the law for pension reform
4. Submit and approve the 2011 Romanian Budget.

Come on Romanians, of course that we can!
Just move and go ahead, it is in our power!

A calm Romanian with hope in soul and passion for actions

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