Posted by: mbconsulting | October 29, 2010

Update – Weather Conditions – Smolensk 04/10/2010

Russian Committee that had investigated  the 101 Polish Air Force crash handed to Polish investigators a detailed technical report about the incident in which killed the former Polish president and other 95 officials near Smolensk in April. The report issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee was sent to Poland’s chief investigator, Edmund Klich.

The 200-page report will be made public after Poland will commented, and would published. According with the Chicago International Conventions there are 60 days for making comments on the remitted documents.

There is certain that the approach took place in difficult weather conditions, which the crew of the aircraft was promptly informed.

At about 10:14 the flight descended through an altitude of 7500 m. Minsk Control radioed that the visibility at Smolensk Air Base was 400 m due to fog. The same conditions were transmitted to the crew when they contacted the controller at Smolensk.

About 10:25 the pilot of the Yak-40 on the ground at Smolensk radioed that horizontal visibility was 400 m and vertical visibility about 50 m. Shortly afterwards they reported that an Ilyushin 76 transport plane had diverted to an alternate airfield after two attempts to land.

The crew continued preparations for an approach at the Smolensk Air Base. The cockpit door was open and during the approach there were two passengers present on the flight deck. Now, both persons are identified.
During the procedures, the visibility worsened to 200 m. This information was transmitted to the crew at 10:37.

The crew requested permission to carry out a ‘trial’ approach to decision height (100 m) and asked the controller to expect a go around.

The weather conditions at an aerodrome Smolensk “North” at the time of the accident at 10:41 am was: wind from the land of 110-130 0, the rate of 2 m / s, 300-500 m visibility, fog, clouds 10 points stratified, the lower limit 40 – 50 m, temperature +1 +20C.

The departure from Warsaw was produced without the forecast and actual weather at the destination aerodrome Smolensk “the North”. The above mentioned documents the crew did not receive.

Deficiencies in the absence of meteorological data to the destination aerodrome has been taking place for flights from Warsaw 07.04.2010.

Weather Aerodrome Minsk and Moscow allowed to perform a safe landing.

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