Posted by: mbconsulting | October 30, 2010

Statistical Proof That Women Over Forty Are Not Destined To Be Old Maids

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Interesting debate was started regarding the marriage after 40’s!

I consider that the marriage after 40;s  may happened, but important is if you are looking for this, really want it! It is somehow easy for you to establish a wish and “work” hard for making this dream come true!

Again, you have to have clear into your mind and honestly ask yourself: “What I am looking for? What would I like to share with the right person? Am I prepared to make compromises and still be happy?”

Sometimes, in spite of all the logical approaches or schemes, there are moments that are bringing to you the right person, right into your face, suddenly, and somehow right from nowhere! It is like a dream, but may happened. If not, please apply the previous paragraph/scheme.

Statistics are good, but always there are cases that out of the rules, and therefore who guarantee that you are inside the majority or outside the rule?

Finally, this is a story about chemistry, not only statistics, in finding or not the right person/soul to share the life!

Wish you all the best and be happy!


Anecdotal & Statistical Proof That Women Over Forty Are Not Destined To Be Old Maids When I was a kid I used to think that it was funny that unmarried women of a certain age were called old maids. So was a kid’s card game and, funnily enough, unpopped popcorn kernels. The unpopped popcorn kernels were a metaphor for something, I think. I was humbled, humbled, I tell you, by the comments of one man named David, from the United Kingdom, on my blo … Read More

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