Posted by: mbconsulting | October 30, 2010

Things I have Learned as a Gaming Parent

You can not image the life without computer and technology, but there is also place for games and one of the most imteresting thing is to be a gaming parent.

Here is my experience:

My daughter was the best in driving cars and bikes in the desert, level 7, my spouse and myself placed on level 2 or 3. This was in 1992, when we had a computer made from spare parts.At that moment, in Romania there was a Romanian manufacture that was producing their own parts… Now that company is closed, the daughter is engineer in automatics and each member of family has a personal computer/laptop.

Never imaged that in a such period of time, less than 20 years, we have such a different life…

Here are other experinces from US and please enjoy the post placed below.

All the best,

In no particular order: #1. Spare time used to be game time. As a parent, spare time no longer exists. Game time and sleep time are now used interchangeably. #2. When deciding on a game, game ratings were never even considered pre-parenting. Now mature rated games actually mean something. That meaning is – This is a (cannot be played around the kids) game. #3. "Kiddie" games are no longer off limits nor are "casual" games. #4. The PSP becomes les … Read More

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