Posted by: mbconsulting | December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Beethoven (via Shimshonit)

Piano Sonata in A Major, op. 101, Allegro: man...

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Hey, it’s 240th Beethoven‘s Birthday!!! Let’s celebrate!!!!

Put the music and toast for Beethoven with Champaign!!!

Freshly Pressed “Shimshonit” give us some more hints – see the list below!

Thanks for reading me and listen the music while the glasses make Clink!

Mbconsulting with a wine glass in one hand and with the other leading an imaginary orchestra!

Happy Birthday, Beethoven Today is Beethoven’s 240th birthday.  (Maybe.  Several sources claim he was born on December 17, which means we share a birthday.  No matter.)  So make yourself a nice cup of tea, nestle into a comfortable chair, and be sure to listen to something by him today.  Here are some of my favorites: Piano Concerto No. 4.  I … Read More

via Shimshonit

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