Posted by: mbconsulting | December 16, 2010

Larry King Live and Politics!

Larry King Live title card

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Now, at the end of the LKL, I must confess that I started to learn Politics at Larry’s Show!

It was in 1991, and over one night, I was not sleeping and suddenly I went into my dinning room and started CNN! (over the day I was too busy, with my work, my second faculty, and of course with my family’s duties and when I would like to watch TV, there was always already someone else there, and I had no space because my child was watching Cartoon Networks/RAI 2, my spouse TV5).

It was 2 o’clock AM in Bucharest, ROMANIA, and it was on air the first interview at LKL with Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady. The interview was all about the English Politics, the raise and the failing of the PM Iron Lady. In that night, from that talk, I learnt how is to resign from Politics.

It was a hard lesson, but good to be known from others, first of all! Could not take my eyes from the TV screen! It was so interesting and full of lessons! After the show was ended I was still thinking about the PM career!

I liked Ms. Thatcher for her character, for her determination and for all her accomplishments – privatisation, trade, unions, wars- that I may say that she forced the people to always mention on United Kingdom history as the first lady PM!

The funny issue is that one motivation of her resignation was related with the euro, in which Margaret Thatcher was not believing! Now, just looking behind and straight forward, what can I say: “was MT right, again, one more time?!?!?!”

Stories about her relation with the Queen were also detailed in that interview! Who could predict to me, that, in one moment of my life, I would have the chance to meet a King, a Queen and a Princess?

Based on that interview and on the others I learnt a lot, and believe me, there are things that I learnt only from LKL, as a unique and a useful source, and really helped me, during my life!

Thank you LK and wish all the best!
Mbconsulting – A loyal watcher of LKL

P.S. 1.The story with LK is going on with Larry King Cardiac Foundation!

P.S. 2.If you missed, here is a link to Susan Boyle performing “O-Holy Night”


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