Posted by: mbconsulting | December 20, 2010

Politics and YouTube – How I learnt!

I am a person opened to learn and to discover new things. Some of them are coming easily, for others I have to work more.

Politics is for me a passion. Because, maybe, I am coming from a family with tradition in diplomacy and politics, even if during communism era it was almost impossible to do it. There were some exceptions and I was placed in one favorable place as my father was traveling a lot – international trade. When he was returning to Romania, the first person that was interviewing I was. Now, I love travelling as he loved it. He loved books, and I love books. He loved history and geography, I like them. He liked poetry, literature I like mathematics, sciences. But more than this with my father I always had open discussion about complicated issues: politics and diplomacy. I learnt the basics of politics from my father, but I did not stop there.

Recently I discovered on YouTube an interesting interview with Bill Clinton about Osama Bin Landen. The reporter, Bubba from Fox News, tried to push a discussion with Clinton about global initiatives, this was the issue announced, but suddenly they came with a more interesting issue: “How was possible 9/11 really happened?”.

I also tried to understand and to  have answers to my questions, I read some books about the event, I saw the images of the twin towers falling down, even now I didn’t accept that everything was possible.

Please watch the discussion between Bill Clinton and Fox News – Bubba, held on 2006.

The second one is more, more interesting, but it is good, to watch both.

Please watch this, is a monument of an open discussion about  9/11 and international terrorism, and the feelings of an ex- President about Presidential responsibilities in these areas.

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