Posted by: mbconsulting | December 20, 2010

Santa Claus Iliescu, Please Make My Wishes Come True!

Jingle bells, jingle bells,trilalala, it is also the time wishes to My Santa Claus.

For more than 20 years, I hope that we all are familiar with the famous French novel “20 Years After” by Alexandre Dumas, père, Romania still have a special Santa Claus – Santa Claus Iliescu. He is present mostly on news, on TV and on radio during this period. (Once upon a time our Santa Claus was a Santa Claus Rioter on tanks and wore a revolutionary suit…)

For this year I prepared a special letter addressed to My Santa Claus Iliescu and I hope that all my wishes will come true! Please Santa!!! Make my wishes come true, because it is so easy for you!!!

Here is my message for Santa:

Dear honorable but no such beloved Santa Claus Comrade Iliescu,

Imagine that I am interested in living in Romania, for sure this is not my case, but I am thinking to the poor people that may did not have time to address to you, and I would like YOU TO THINK about a President and a Prime Minister in one person, two positions in one person, as there are in USA.

Santa Claus Iliescu, let me explain, because, yesterday, you made a terrible mistake with Romanians and I would like to give you more info, if you just have time to consider them. Let the President to be elected by the people, as it is now, and people will make a discount for you on the budget, see how I am carefully thinking to your pocket and try to make you able to bring more gifts to others…

Two positions in one will reduce the bureaucracy and the administrative expenses – the Presidential Administration and the PM cabinet will be in one body. Easily and fairly, what do you think Santa? Would you like to give me your thought as a gift???

I would also like to have a Parliament with a reduced number of members, it does not really make sense to climb over a chair in such a large number of members when the population is smaller in Romania, and young adults, poorly trained, the future members in the Parliament, are increasing. Santa push you Party and again this wish will come true? Are you ready to try to influence a little bit, in this area??? Please, Santa!!! It is so easy for You!

I wish police and army led by civilians, please!You know Santa, the promises you made you must keep them and those were promised long time ago and you know why were necessary these…

I would like that guys like Voicu & Costiniu & Co. no longer exist, and that “wonderful collaboration” between police, prosecutors and Justice in the advantages of the robbers, established by the above mentioned persons and consented by a regime lead by Iliescu-Nastase to stop NOW! I wish to have finally a fair trial in justice! Please Santa, bring these to me in 2010, and if it is enough time, for sure, definitely bring them in 2011, for ever lasting in Romania!

I also wish to have correct academic institutions, to end the mafia from universities , where you really have to learn and to study, to take the diploma on merit and not to pass the exams, well, you know how …It is also an advantage for you, Santa, because you will have smarter kids under your tree, see how I am thinking at you, dear Santa!
Finally, dear honorable Santa Claus Iliescu as you were Santa Claus Rioter in 1989, put on effort and try once more time to be 2010 SANTA CLAUS for me, now, and bring to me what I want more and more:

I promise to you, Santa, and you know that I worked and will work hard and I am keeping my promises, to build the rest: a NEW HOME & FAMILY in a fairy tale country, other than Romania!

With hopes of addressing my requests to right person in charge:

Mr. Santa Claus – Comrade Iliescu – honorable, but not so much beloved –
Christmas 2010

Happy Holidays to you all fellows!


  1. I wont a holiday Barby and a best famly the world can have.

  2. plz dear santa clous i have a only one wish u was promised me on 2009 but now u didn’t response i want to be a princes like fairy tales .on 2009 i way pray that oh god can u send me a my prince a d after a few days u was came on my dream and said ya affcourse u will get ur prince like a dream wwho loves u alot plz make me a wish true iam requesting u this is my firs and a last wish….

    • plz santa i promise u after my merriage i will give alots of gifts to all poor children on christmas whole my life .plz complete my first and a last wish. i want to be a princes like cenderalla .plz complete my fairy tale story with a wonderful prince of mine who loves me alot .plz on this christmas make me a wish come true.

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