Posted by: mbconsulting | December 21, 2010

Politics and YouTube – Half Slave, Half Free, NO WAY!

Recently I discovered on YouTube an interesting speech performed by JKF in his campaign for election on 24 September 1960. Over 50 years!!!

During different period of time, we questioned ourselves: “Are we moving in the right direction?” Now, because is the end of the year and a new year is coming is maybe the time to put again this question and give us an answer! JFK gave, at that time, an answer that I respect for its responsibility, clarity and realism.

In order to provoke you to watch the video presented below, here is a short comment recorded on the YouTube page:

When my grandmom say the 1960s debate, she was shock of Kennedy statement. Even if she was republican, she voted for JFK.

royaladam 3 months ago 5

You see, it is something remarkable in that speech. And the reason for bringing it into your attention is that, even now, is actual and it maybe considered, let’s say, global. Why? Because the message is still valid from my friends from Moldova, from Romania and, why not, partially, but with other actors, for USA!

Please take you time to listen the speech. Thank you for reading this post and watching the proposed video!

Feel free to send your comments!



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