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Romania – PDL’s Dilemma: TB or The Bacon From The Attic

Romanian President Traian Băsescu, March 9, 2005

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During the last month, PDL, the party that brought its chief of Party as PM in Romania, born and raised in Transylvania, is facing a challenge:

1. is prepared to fight with corruption as some of its members claimed for a long time ago, and as the President, Mr. Traian Basescu, (TB)  insisted;


2. should keep, as long as possible, the power privileges and just put some cosmetics to refresh the image of a tired party.

Just because of these two directions, in a clear opposition, Tom Gallagher mentioned in Romania Libera that PDL is almost preparing to divorced from TB, that is still considered a leader of PDL.

PDL and Basescu have separated some time ago but not yet divorced, and can reach a reconciliation between them. At least Basescu wants this, PDL still does not know how to act: to watch the bacon from the attic or to follow  TB.

Basescu’s campaign for the presidency in 2009 was supported by some of the PDL for the simple reason that they had seen a potential winner and it is sometimes good, it’s looking good, to sit next by the winner. So, some of those members of the PDL’s supported him just because through Basescu they  could keep their own seats. Basescu won almost alone the campaign, only with his campaign team, and fought until the last moment and he was perhaps the only one who believed in him.Financial resources were successfully assured by the PDL, but as I say just out of interests. There is no counterpoint or ideological platform as it may be proofed by facts that followed the 2009 Presidential election.

Why  are PDL’s members demolishing the party: drunkenness political power! I think if you are now in power you may afford everything, some have lost their common sense, as members from PSD  had done.
What differentiates PDL by PSD is the position of the Chief of the party, Mr. Emil Boc, also the PM, somewhat hesitant in some respects, but compliantly different from Nastase, and the small group anti-corruption  holding inside of the PDL.

Boc will somehow follow Basescu trajectory and this is he may be cursed so loud and its role and position was trying to be minimized . But in fact, Mr. Boc  is only trying to progress in a pack of hyenas thirsty of money gained overnight. (Now or never!)

The secret of success is in the hands of PDL. A bunch of  few people seems to prepare a reform inside the party. I do not know if they will succeed, but they will try to reform it now the party before the  2012 elections.

Tactics in reforming from inside, from my point of view, is well-chosen, but is not allied to other recommendations by many: breaking and forming new party.The fight between the old and new is great and it seems that those who want reform are becoming more, by luck or by chance that this crisis has shut the taps for thirsty money gained overnight and, instead, opened the mouths of the hungry and frozen Romanians, and there is place for games with their anger!

The position of the President, who sees more clearly, without political implications, the real situation of Romania is that PDL may be helped and TB, especially, can contribute to the success of internal reform as he remained a nostalgic lover of PDL. Basescu is interesting in having a PDL  on his site after choosing the winning or at least he would like to have still a strong party after 2012 parliamentary elections, and therefore he will support internal efforts to reform the PDL.Basescu is a leader who has charisma and his words, though thrown back by some and others, in any face to face confrontation with members from PDL leaders will always win.

Basescu is like the Kaa Pyton snake  in the Jungle Book and he simply hypnotized his victims with a few words:  “Trust in Me!” – Link for  relaxation:

Paradoxically, the person making the biggest disadvantages in the PDL is not EBA, nor Ritzi, is   Elena Udrea, that is like a car without breaks, or like an old song, lost on the road, or like    a car with expired internal resource, despite of her  efforts to achieve the goals. Elena Udrea is like Mr. Pogea, a form necessary but without meaning.
When Elena Udrea will be landed, the reformers would be considered the winners in an important battle.
Why is Elena Udrea so important? Because she is the weak link – the belt missent to all those thirsty corruption and rapid gaining money. She is always the one who plays by ear, in a false mood, without any or minimal reason points in important areas, and her voice has left …

Mr. Plesu was not wrong when he rejected the collaboration with Elena Basescu, instead the wrong approach is coming from others who fawn on her side.

Finally, relaxation -The King of the Jungle – I Want to Be Like You –

Merry Christmas!


  1. Thanks for this post. I almost certainly agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so lets hope this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you very much for the article, I even learned a lot from it. Extremly good content on this blog. Always looking forward to new article.

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