Posted by: mbconsulting | January 25, 2011

Can You Eat Out Alone?

I do not like to eat alone, but starting very early in the morning makes me unable to share it with someone else, therefore I am taking my breakfast alone.

But after ending my job around 6 PM, without lunch-break, I enjoy my dinner with my friends, when it is possible. It is a way to recharge my soul and to be able to start a new hard working day.

In fact, eating, alone or not, depends on your style and your wishing! You may adjust it, from time to time, and let people to surround you, when you need them, and that’s sure your life will be richer. Friends or hobbies may help you to pass the loneliness, but people, oh, how much I love them, in spite of differences and difficulties that arrived with them!

Finally, we are social “animals”, we need to share, to communicate, as you are doing now.

All the best,

Can You Eat Out Alone? Alone and lonely.  These are two words that might sound the same to some people, because they think of them both in the same negative way.  But they are not the same.  Most people conjure up sad images of someone who is "alone," and think of such words as cold, isolation, despair, or misery.  People are alone for a variety of reasons — some by choice, some by chance.  And while I am sure that it is depressing to some to be alone, it doesn't mean … Read More

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