Posted by: mbconsulting | January 30, 2011

My Home, My Land…

"The Motherland" by William-Adolphe ...

The image of the mother coutry

Ok, here is my home, there is my land, but is this my homeland? My soul is telling me, day by day, that here is not my place, it is not a place where I may share my values!

Then, what shall I do? Where is my homeland?

My homeland is…

My place is where I find proud to belong to myself in terms of values, norms and styles. But these are submitted, more or less genetically in us, these values belong to the family and to the environment from which our family. When you grew up, these values are coming normal and took a place in our souls.

My place, my homeland – it’s just warn me where values are recognized and appreciated by those around me.This is my homeland!

My homeland may be my home, my street, my city or my country. There not always has to do with the place where you were born. It is more related to your soul and aspirations that you held.

If the place is strong, it will impose the values, norms and styles that will be folded on the wearer’s soul. If the wearer of the soul is not proud of them he/she will always look up to find it, his/her homeland.

Therefore every child says and assumes U.S. citizenship, the place is strongly required, but do not know if you can say the same thing about another country.

So maybe it is a start in thinking more global?

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