Posted by: mbconsulting | January 31, 2011

Romania – 20 Years After… – Political Pamphlet

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And after Badica Nicolae Ceausescu dismounts from the high clouds fuse, and was proudly enthroned Badica Ionica, towering high in the saddle Iliescu, who then fired Mr.  Fourhouses – poor Aunt Tamara died, ‘- and Now here, WONDERFUL, we have the following ready garnish. So wonderful, that nobody seem to stop them!

My dearest, please keep smiling,there are also prepared the nexts – the reserves- from the next young generations that today have small interventions, they are shy, are educated, mannered, etc. How  proud of them we are! There are several small pinks, but all the problems are solved, easily than during the days of Ceasca!

You know, but I still have a problem, I have to thanks too many parties, and to have to say something like: “LONG LIVE THE PARTIES !” Hmmm, tricky, would be nice and easy to simplify somewhat, but how about?

Good luck with the soothing thought that deeply about the price of two years, although the idea was moaning inside him for about 20 years, but he, as a wise person, left it to be mature, but still emerged today as a new one, and here are again, the parties are gathering on a single idea –  HATE! ! ! – Thunderous applause – for the remarkable Alliance – HATE! – Thunderous applause, and the future will sound better! URAAAAA !!! (Applauses??? Please, wait until the end!)
“LONG LIVE  the ALLIANCE and its Leader” – hmmm I feel like they thought about to bring again the monarchy! URAAAAA !!!!- forerunner previous shout thunderous applause!

Brothers that is not so bad at all, we have the staff and its reserves, we have the idea – HATE, we have the ALLIANCE, so we collapsed three parties, and we have the driver, yeah Brothers, is GOOD! URAAAAA! – Strong applause, could not see anymore, oh … I awoke from the dream.

Hmm – What does this dream mean it?? Or is the dream a reality around me??

Please feel free to comment with me, the new era of the ALLIANCE of HATE in Romania, or the coming back of nostalgia for the communist era!

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