Posted by: mbconsulting | January 31, 2011

Romania – What you wanna do?

Despite the difficulties and half measures, in some cases, lack of firm response to the condemnation of abuses, corruption within  PDL, PNL, or PSD,  Basescu is still continue his way because he knows that there is no other better solution and does not want to stop.

Romania is still weak and every drop that comes and strengthens it is very good!
Rebuilding a nation almost totally destroyed after 1948,choked to revive after 1990, still has little need for  governing the development, even if this development is coming from different stimuli. It is not easy, not honorable for Romania, but this is the only way to get better! Coagulation of forces is slow, river cleaning from politics is much slower,so we have only two ways to the future: to go forward or to go back!

What do you wanna do?
I want to go forward towards a more clean and educated society, and I really know that this is the path that is going all over the world! Come forward and let the world to know clearly that we are going in that direction!

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