Posted by: mbconsulting | January 31, 2011

Romania – Bravo!!!

Schengen Agreement Full Schengen EU members No...

Blue area - Schengen Area. Khaki area - Romania and Bulgaria under the process of admission.

In spite of fact that the  news are not at all good, there are some news that inspired me to say: ROMANIA – BRAVO!!!

During the last period of time, Romania was under the pressure to pass the technical report regarding admission in Schengen Area. Finally, Friday, in the after-noon the good news were coming. I have to remark that the YES coming from all the member countries came after a remarkable speech presented by Mr. Basescu.  But not come back to my good news and my BRAVO for ROMANIA.

I’m glad it was successful after a few obstacles on the way to the Schengen Area.

There are politically aligned, but it is largely the result of a fight performed by PDL.

PSD  was always put the contrary, but I can make mistakes!

Anyway, Bravo ROMANIA, and now further!

Why BRAVO? This is another good question!

Because Romania has shown that it can assume its responsibilities and carry them through, although the country is strongly touched by the crisis.

However there are many things to do, but maybe the message presented in Brussels by Basescu wanted to try something recognized by everyone in the back door: the gypsy way of life can not be changed so easily by administrative measures that basically are coming in contradiction with the traditions of the Roma. I do not think he was wrong in explaining them!

Approval of the Technical report opens the way for new steps and here we can say that we, ordinary people, may win business in the EU,and the business takes place more easily.

As I said more needs to be done, but scheduled and tracked lead us on our way!

France was and remains a friend of Romania, I have doubts,but as in any relationship are rough, doubts, questions,

The generally good crowd, and looked bad, like how to vote inthe HotNews.

Usually I close with “Keep on WALKING!” – I did not find right NOW a phrase in French, but I try next time!

P.S. Here it is the French Idiom: “Nous continuons la marche”

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