Posted by: mbconsulting | February 6, 2011

Video: Egypt, Amanpour and Mubarak

Here is Amanpour – ABC – and Mubarak, the person that is not leaving his seat and bring a country and a part of the world under madness. Such a stubborn person, in fact this is a characteristic of all the dictators!

As I mention on another post the first lesson that I took from Larry King Show was related with the resignation of Margaret Thatcher. You know that she was called “The Iron Lady” but she confessed that she resigned when her first adviser told her that it is the time to step out. There was a wonderful story!

Why did Mubarak stand there for such a long period of time? Why the people from that country endure such a sever regime? Why Mubarak is not stepping out from his position? Please watch the video and maybe you will find some hints!

via Anderson Cooper 360

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