Posted by: mbconsulting | February 22, 2011

Forefather festivities

Celebration of the Presidents Day may be done in different ways.

One presented by myself is here:

Another way is presented by the post below.

There are such different ways to celebrate, but in fact saying the same thing,

Therefore, thank you WordPress for letting us o share among us this celebration but seen from different perspectives.

In fact I discover that the world is smaller and the people, in spite of the differences, are more closer!
Have a nice and quite evening,

Mbconsulting happy to share with you under WordPress!

Forefather festivities Today Americans are observing Presidents’ Day. How will you celebrate? I cannot tell a lie. I baked a cherry pie last night. Whether or not the father of our country ever cut down a cherry tree and owned up to it isn’t really known, but it served as a good lesson for school children about the importance of telling the truth. And a darn good excuse to make cherry pie. I imagine tours of the nation’s Presidential libraries are full today, and there … Read More

via Word Nymph

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