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The Presidents Day and a Book: “President at White House”

Seal of the President of the United States

The Seal

Ok, let’s celebrate the Presidents Day with a story about a book “President at White House“, its author Camil Mureseanu – Romanian historian – and much more than this!!!

As an introduction I would like to emphasized that I am a real fan about politics and foreign relations, and this passion was developed by my father that was involved in international trade relations and by my curiosity to know and learn more about foreign countries, their political systems and in fact he stimulated me to know more about the whole world.

When I was on the sixth class the geography teacher asked us to bring pictures and information about the foreign countries. I brought the largest quantity of information, just because I was a permanent reader of magazine that promote humanitarian sciences for kids.

Later, when I was about 18 y.o. and when the former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak in person, was visiting Romania and I just looked at his picture, published on the front page of newspaper I said to my mother: “This guy will be a strong leader!” She was really surprised, and asked me for more explanations. The figure, the eyes and the way Mubarak was looking gave me that impression. Not enough to convince my mother…

Just enough with explanations, just going back to the subject…

Therefore, as I said the book “President at White House”, signed by Camil Mureseanu was, at that time, a gift sent from Romania to all the American Presidents. Why was written that book in a full era of communism in Romania? How the author documented his book, when each step in a “capitalism” country” or in the “capitalism information system” were well supervised by Romanian “Securitatea”? I have no idea, but the book was well documented, easy reading and fascinated the young person, eager to learn more about the world that was around…

At that time I was 16 y.o. and the nice book arrived somehow miraculous under my eyes. My father bought it. The book presented all the U.S. Presidents, from the first President, Mr. Washington, until the last one from that period, was Richard Nixon, in a detailed and accurate manner. ( The book was published in 1974). There were more interesting  issues passed between the paragraphs and some of them were clearly written. To understand me I have to declare that in that book it was for the first time in my life and I could read and checked that a part of the former Soviet Union was annexed by force and the countries that were mentioned were Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Could you believe something like this?  You have to take into consideration that  in that period of my life I was living in Romania, a communist country, and I can’t explain myself how “small details” were not censored.

That book brought to me a large and complex understanding about the political system that working in U.S. and more that this, brought into my attention how other issues were moving around the world.

I would like to thank Mr. Camil Muresanu , once more time, for this work and for publishing that book. I complete biography of the author edited by Wikipedia may be found here.

The second mandate of Nixon was shorter as the Watergate investigation were for the first time concluded to an impeachment for the U.S. President. This story was not covered by the book, because the events were evolved later. I just remember that my father was listening “Free Europe” Radio and,for the first time in my life, I was very interested in the debates that were presented at that radio. My father was very carefully and always underlined to me that I must keep a maximum discretion about my listening.

For the first time in my life I was determined to write about U.S. Presidents and other important people and the events that changed in a way or in another way our destinies. Today, the effort for a correct documentation is much easier than in that period, and the quality and quantity of information richer.

So, just to conclude now, today I am celebrating the U.S. Presidents Days, among other people, but also a book “President at White House” and, if you allowed me, its author: Camil Muresanu.

Have a nice and peaceful celebration,

People from America and all over the world!



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