Posted by: mbconsulting | March 21, 2011

Great Artist – AL PACINO

There is no need for many words to present the great artist AL PACINO, but…

Because we are still in March, and particular this month is dedicated to woman, the following videos are extracted from the wonderful movie ” Scent of  a woman“! Love it!

Here is a piece of a wonderful speech held by the furious blind colonel in front of the young generation. He won the hearts and the minds with an inspirational speech. Hard talks and a lot of emotions coming from this video. Please, take your time to follow it:

But, a man is a man, and that special colonel is a true special man, but there is something that is missing, and guess what?

A complete world must have a woman and a man. A man without woman or a woman without man is only half represented.

Now, the man of day, AL PACINO, the colonel, in spite of his disability, is conquering his half – the wonderful Gabrielle Anwar. Please watch in the next video and enjoy the art of colonel.

He wins one more time. What a wonderful victory, the victory of seduction…

Enjoy the conversation, the tango and the music:

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  1. Great Pacino clips!

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