Posted by: mbconsulting | March 22, 2011

JAPAN – My heart is bleeding!

Animated flag of Japan.

Image via Wikipedia

Oh, today is the tenth day after the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear alert that all hit Japan.

My heart is bleeding for Japan!

I have the impression that the drop from my blood is laid down on the snow  and form the Japan Flag. Of course, that I know there is only my imagination, but…

The Japan flag was officially adopted on January 26, 1870. The national flag of Japan

Japan Flag

is also known as Nisshoki or Hinomaru in Japanese language, which means “circle of the sun.” In English, Japan flag is sometimes called as the “rising sun.” The background color in theJapan flag picture is white. On the center of the base of Japan flag there is a large red disc which represents the rising sun. This centered sun symbol of the Japanese flag has been an important part of Japan’s flag for thousands of years. The white background of the Japan flag is representative of honesty and purity.

I could never image that such disaster may happen in my life, and more than this, all events happened in the same area, affecting a lot of people.

In 1977, in Bucharest, ROMANIA, there was an 7.2 earthquake, that had a long duration: almost 1 minute. There was a heal in Bucharest: building that collapsed, people that died, people that were injured, dust all over the places, chaos and uncertain situations.

In 1986, the Chernobyl disaster affected Romania, but during those days the communist leaders avoid to share official information about this event.The consequences many people died because they were exposed to radiation having no idea, without the possibility to take the minimal actions for avoiding the effects on the human beam.

Now in Japan, the disaster has multiple faces and the most dangerous and persistent is related with the nuclear alert. I spent almost one day watching the national TV station to see what was really happened there. I collected a lot of photo captures, but still not prepared to share on my post. Time will come for this!

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