Posted by: mbconsulting | April 12, 2011

Celebrating the Travel in Space and My Colleague: Garina Milion

Yuri Gagarin (NASA)

Image via Wikipedia

Is there any connection between the travel in space and Garina Milion??? I will try to prove you that these events are linked. The live reserve for all of us interesting destinies.

I had the chance to be a school colleague with a daughter of  bright and intelligent member of a mix family called Milion: German with Hungarian, and who knows maybe Jews. Her name was Garina.

Strange name, isn’t it???

But here is her name history and the link with Yuri Gagarin.

Garina was born in Bucharest, ROMANIA, on 12th April, 1961.

It was that day when the first travel in space succeeded and because the father of the new-born was a brilliant researcher thought that the best way to celebrate his second-born is to named her as it would always be remembered with that day and its hero: Yuri Gagarin. And he was not wrong at all!!!. First he tried to named her Gagarina, but in Romanian GAGA is sound a little bit confusing and therefore he decided to put only a GA and the rest to be adapted for a girl. So here we are, the girl was named Garina – the new girl born had a special Russian name adapted for her…

Coming on our days, I am not so sure that she graduated a science faculty because she was so talented in drawing and designing, but you never know what may come in the last moment from such a talented family…

So today, I am pleased to send my best wishes to Garina Milion, where ever you are darling,  and I am also pleased to send my warm regards for your 50th anniversary and hope that you celebrate with your family and your friends!

All my good thoughts and always remembered  her extraordinary talent in drawing (today she may be in Germany – where she emigrated with her family after 1976 – and probably has a job related with design.)

Happy Anniversary GARINA!!!

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