Posted by: mbconsulting | April 17, 2011

Europe – Ideological sleight / EP Banning Comments

Tupolev Tu-154M Poland - Air Force

Polish Air Force 1 - TU154M

I would like to express my real concern regarding the banning of comments on “Truth and Memory – Smolensk Crash” organised by Independent Media Foundation inside the European Parliament.

As far as I could be informed by the official site www.  (smolensk-photos), the comments that pointed the inadequate procedures for conserving and investigation the crash of aircraft that carried the former Polish President at Smolensk, Russia, on 10th April 2010 were banned by European Parliament censors.

As far as I know the investigation of crash of Polish Air Force 1 at Smolensk, Russia was conducted, first of all, by the Russian Commission, in parallel with the Polish Commission. The final report was submitted by Russian Commission but the Polish party did not accepting it because there were many unclear issues and some of them in controversy.

From my perspective I would like to add my comments based on my knowledge and information received so far:

1. in the accident was involved the military aircraft Polish Air Force 1;
2. the accident occurred in the proximity of a military airport – Smolensk, Russia;
3. the procedure followed for investigation was a typical procedure any civil aircraft, and even this was not precisely followed because, for example, the occurring country had the obligation to preserve all the evidences of the crash and to return them to the owner in a proper way;
4. at Warsaw, the start point, the airplane did not receive the weather forecast for the airport destination – a misconduct in a normal procedure;
5. the weather had, in that day , at around 10:30 AM, an unexpected rapid change – for me such a rapid modification of weather that reduced in a dramatic way the visibility had no logical explanation – may be there are some explication and the same weather fluctuations may be repeated and reveal by weather history of the place – if not, them the fog may be artificially created in order to reduce the visibility;
6. the control tower did not assist the landing as the recordings proved – did not give any indication about the way to approach the landing in spite of the sever weather conditions – as the result the aircraft was below the recommended course ant therefore damaged the fuselage in coalition with trees;
7. the first pictures from the crashing aircraft showed strange images – the landing gear in the trees, the aircraft in smoke, the pieces of aircraft splitted on a large area. These elements may prove that the airplane did not dismantle on the ground, but, more probable in the air.
8.having a low-speed and being placed near by the ground there are inexplicable damages of the aircraft, and more than this none survivors. In similar cases, with similar aircraft there were survivors.
9. in spite of the fact that there were a large number of fatalities, many of them VIP in Poland, there were not enough investigations regarding the cause of the death of the victims and the members of families mentioned that there were not clear procedures for identification of the victims.

In spite of the fact that International Civil Aviation Organisation recommended a collaboration among the Operation Country and the Occurrence Country, a revision of the final report if there are comments, these seem that did not happen in this case. More than this, the photos and commented provided by Independent Media Foundation in European Parliament that demonstrated the imperfection of the investigation were banned.

Where is FOIA???

Why are those comments forbidden???

Is any legislation that allowed the European Parliament to ban them???

If yes, which is this legislation???

Therefore I urge you to provide an answer.
Thank you,


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