Posted by: mbconsulting | September 24, 2011

September without Johnny Raducanu

Johnny Raducanu Sextet

Try to remember the time when Johnny was on the stage:

But who was in fact Johnny Raducanu?

Well, Johnny Raducanu was a Romanian talented musician, a gipsy, eager to play the piano, from the time he was about 5 y.o. At that age he said he would like to play the piano, and this was not surprising because all his relatives were linked with music for more than 300 years. So, after sending the invitation, the family was around him and without any fear he simple played the piano and it played well. The family decided: Johnny has talent and he must go on. After graduating the high school in Braila, ROMANIA he received  a scholarsship from the Romanian Royal Family and attended the Conservator in Bucharest

It was the time when in Bucharest the jazz was very popular, but not so much known about it. Johnny believed that Jazz was a name of a player. After of certain period of time, he discovered that Jazz is a king of a different music and never ever from that moment.

Johnny was a tonic person, always making jokes, not seriously treating life very, friendly with the common people, drastic with politicians, loving art and the artists, enjoying life as it is, and unfortunetly almost nobody believed him when he was serious.

A few weeks ago he said: “Hei you and leaving this world, and I am serious!” but nobody  though that this may come true. Why? Because his life was like a clock: yearly in the morning playing the piano, in the middle of the day going out for a walk and in the evening watching TV. But now he is resting in peace…

In Romania Johnny is like Duke Ellington or Louis Armstrong. I miss Johnny Raducanu.

Today, September in coming without you…- Aura Urziceanu and Aurelian Andreescu

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