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Truth – Three hard questions for former ruler Michael

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King Micheal – first reign, public domain



Well, the Christmas passed and New Year  is near by…

2011 was a year that bring arguments pro and contra regarding the former ruler Michael of Romania. For me, first of all, it was difficult to select the proper name for this personality and I made a search on internet. I choose the title “former ruler” in spite of the fact that am not sure which title is the best and most recommendable.

I had the privilege to know a little bit the person. It is a charming person, with a force in his presence, and this is not coming from the title, from the age, from the protocol. It is coming from inside, a superior person.

The former ruler  is not using power, is simple, modest, gentle, wise and with a large understanding about the human nature, machines and the world. Having the privilege of quick discussion is enriching your life far more than reading a book because your experience is like a journey during a century, with good and not so good parts.

Another person that had more often these privileges once asked me why people are blocked in front of former ruler Michael. Well, I said, with a simply gesture or attitude you may offend and you are controlling yourself so much that in fact you lose the purpose from being there and stare to the stature of the former ruler like to a statue. I would like to have the privilege to meet other political or non-political leaders with similar character, but I did not find until now.

In the last days I read an interesting article, in fact an interview, that was submitted to press by Anna de Bourbon, former ruler’s wife. It was a statement that remained in my mind something similar with the fact that a King not discus any decision with nobody. Well, this rule is under changing as the current King of Spain is presenting the budget of the Royal House in front of the public.

But is more than this, is the fact that in our days we keep our mind full of questions and we are preached in school to raise questions and ask for answers, even if these are not coming quickly and sometimes we may find for ourselves the answers. In fact, also, there is why democracy  let us day by day to raise questions about what is right or not, what is true or not.

After a very long introduction, please let me raise the three hard questions for the former ruler Michael:

1. Why at the end of 2003, December, former ruler accepted  to award a prize for Adrian Nastase (AN)?

AN was  Prime Minister in Romania in Romania led by Ion Iliescu as President , at that time. There were rumors at that time and now more or less proved now that AN  is a controversional political figure, using undeclared financial resources, dealing with controvertible people and facts…

2. Why in 2009 former ruler supported during a press declaration the Presidential campaign of Radu Duda – son-in-law?

Radu Duda is also as entitled Radu of Romania and there was an allegation that he is a former member of former Security Forces from communist period. I think that in August 2004, two US citizens reported in a press conference that Radu Duda is not eligible in any NATO structures

There was already a  demonstration, a precedent when Paul of Romania,  unrecognised member of Romanian Royal House in 2000, tried to conquer the Presidential position and he lost as the last placed candidate.

3. Why in 2010 in an atmosphere of uncertainty, when Russians tried to promote once again the figure of Stalin, the former ruler accepted a place at the official tribune for celebrating 65 years from ending WW2?

For my perspective this is the most controversial attitude that I could ever imagine. It is like sitting at the same table with your own killers and enjoy the meal…

Ok, may I too hard with my questions, maybe I am wrong, but public image is a gift that once you lose could not again at all, or after a long and tired fight.

Please feel free to comment on my issue and hope that you will bring arguments for a potential debate.

Meanwhile enjoy your holidays and have fun!




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