Posted by: mbconsulting | December 27, 2011

I really like Christmas!

A Norwegian Christmas, 1846 painting by Adolph...

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Well, I hope that you enjoy the Christmas with your family, friends, neighbours or alone…

Christmas brings to us not only the speed for searching for and buying gifts, but also the atmosphere of happiness that sometimes is missing in our ordinary life.

Do not want to  make propaganda, but there is a sad story that only a few days or hours the peace is around the place where Christ was born – believe or not believe in Bible – the peace and stability are important elements for people as the air and water are…

Hey, keep the spirit and don’t give up as somebody may say…

Here is a song that keeps the spirit of Christmas:


  1. Lovely post! Thank you for the pingback. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

    • Thank you very much for kind words.

      Yes, I had a nice Christmas and as I said I enjoyed the spirit of Christmas.

      I admired your simply but powerful words put on

      Wish you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2012!


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