Posted by: mbconsulting | January 1, 2012

Politics and Leaders – Something must be done…

As you may notice already I am fan of using YouTube for learning more about leaders, politics and history.

There are rare occasions when two strong leaders are confronting on a very dedicated problem near by their borders. In the confrontation that I had on my mind, Indo-Pakistan border differencing, one of them was  Indira Ghandi, a remarkable and famous Indian leader that seems not to be necessary to present any more who was she, but on the other side is placed Zhulfikar Ali Bhutto – that is indeed the father of Benazir Bhutto.

I could discover that Zhulfikar Ali Bhutto was such an incredible powerful leader, with strong statements and with a really strong voice where ever was placed. One occasion was at UN Security Council on 15 December, 1971 – please see the video attached. It is far away from me to decide if over all his activity the Pakistan Leader had a well coordinated policy or politics, useful for his country, but the way the speech was held at UN Security Council I found impressive.  Please watch the video.

On the other side there was madame Indira Gandhi and her position.

Finally, there was a statement: “Something must be done…”

Please let me know what are your impressions?

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