Posted by: mbconsulting | January 1, 2012

2011 in Review: 10 years after 9/11

One of the most important event that took during 2011 was celebration of 9/11 that also brought into attention the dead of Osama bin Laden – the brain of operations from that time.

9/11 means for me a shocking moment, unbelievable true, accompanied by a lot of drama, but in the meanwhile demonstrated a strange powerful war machine ready to attack innocent people and to destroy their lives, confidence, their believes and finally the democracy.

I saw also that in less than 30 min. the shocked people were really to stop this terror and continued, restless until the enemies were withdrawn.

Of course 9/11 demonstrated some fragile aspects for U.S., as former President Bill Clinton mentioned them during a “hot” interview on Fox News.

Please enjoy the interview:

But after all, from ashes the nation is rebuilding itself, stronger and the people could not forget the drama from that day and are paying a tribute and commemorate those that lost their lives.

Have a nice and peaceful year!
Happy New Year!



  1. Written from the front line in Europe, to across the seas in America, we are shown the terror, devastation, and loss that people were subjected to.

  2. These senses respond to activity from the environment and transmits that information to the brain via electrical signals.

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