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2011 in Review – Lucian Pintilie,Liviu Ciulei and communism

There are moments in life, even if these are sad such as the one related with the commemoration of creator Liviu Ciulei, when persons, more than others, are enlightening those events. Lucian Pintilie was one of them.

At the ceremony of commemoration of Liviu Ciulei, his friend and supporter, the director Lucian Pintilie could not express in many words there, but in spite he announced his decision regarding  writing a book about Liviu Ciulei, as he could not express all the feelings and facts only in a few words.

From that commemoration it passed more than 1 month, but I could not bring my energy to focus on Lucian Pintilie. He is the creator of “magical reality” and if you would like to have a better understsanding of the meaning I would reccommend to listen and to watch a few fragments from his films.

Here there are two moments from “Too late” (1996) related to miners from Valea Jiului, those  real miners that marched to Bucharest in 1990, 1991 and 1999 :




If I could critisize something is the lack of managerial qualities of the Director of miners, the role performed by Victor Rebenciuc, as were in facts. The film only loops them.

The “magical reality” is in fact the crudity from our lives.

As my words are too poor I will quote from Mircea Deaca saying that:

“The performative acts there are attempts to make the world fit the words. Words in the world are trying to provoke a certain state of affairs. Turning to other forms of representation, we can say that the use of representations as performative structure is a form of status quo represented by the act of representation, through his performance, which is causing the acts or generates in the world. Examples of non-linguistic acts are performative rituals and magic sphere.They also have a metaphorical component. By changing relationships represented within the space are exchanged and relationships in the physical space itself. Thus, white symbolizes purity costume sex marriage virginity (and is thus a metaphor). But for divorced women, white refers to a desired state of purity (not a factual description of a situation, but is intended as an aid to bring purity).

This is what was done in reconstructing successive representation devices (film filmmaker, film prosecutor, the staging of the victims). They are metaphorical devices to create a “new man”. Reconstruction is not a descriptive resume of what happened (last action which is represented today by a formula story), but a performative action. Reconstruction is not an identical repetition of a resume, but a re-formatting, re-establishment. If characters regret their violent acts and have nothing now, after surgery the new constitution, just by staging violence, tomorrow they will be immersed in violence.The film follows the episode “re-educating” (with kindness, with words, with persuasion, with gifts, military treatment or torture of “the channel”). At the end of the film, the protagonist of “free” will be dismantled, crushed, thrown in the mud or be lost in the anonymity of a crowd with outbreaks of violence.

One way to dominate Romanian communism legally citizens’ behavior was the turn of all the offenders. Communist laws were designed such that whatever you have done, still does not comply with a law. None of the repressive apparatus not to apply any sanction, but account for all deviations. Power continuously close your eyes, but when he wanted to get power to silence or remove you, and would be outweighed by the law do not respect. I could not have a behavior that does not defeat a law or another and, anyway, some of the fault not of your behavior on purpose (maybe you had relatives abroad, maybe you had a parent or priest can talk too much and too impertinent to address system in public areas or may bear beard). Everyone was guilty, guilt was universal.

Re-type reconstruction of education is a form to make an ingenuous in delinquent, to turn an innocent in criminal. If young first offenders are used as “volunteers” for a propaganda film, the second they can be more easily manipulated to make them do whatever they were ordered to do, morally or otherwise, in exchange for avoiding punishment.

Re-education is a form of participation in a fault that power for the time in its sole discretion prefer not to punish him. To produce a good obedient servant is required of an accomplice to a crime because, then, as absolute power to absolve him from punishment in exchange for a service not refuse and which, however, is a minimal – such as a small give-away at another citizen, and so on.

In “Reconstruction”, which is designed as “fiction” that pretends to be a “documentary” is contradicted by the facts more dramatic: a violence that creates irreversible chain generalized violence and annihilation. But, as I said earlier, re-establishment is to just create this type of socialization.”

Nothing more to be added except a wish: watch the serial short videos about and with genius Liviu Ciulei that are starting here . There is a history embeddable in videos.



Thanks for watching them.

Have a nice and warm evening!




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