Posted by: mbconsulting | February 1, 2012

“Small- Big Secrets” with Zubin Mehta – How To Become a Great Conductor

Well, we all have “small-big secrets” that transformed our life. But ones are greater than others and I believe that Zubin Mehta in an interview with Irwin Winkler will reveal some incredible details from the early life of the big conductor Zubin Mehta.

I remembered that George Enescu said that music is not coming easy and there is 99% work and only 1% talent. The story told by Zubin emphasized the same idea: work, work and work but also a licker of  talent.

Please listen the incredible story about  “How To Become a Great Conductor!”

Have a nice time and enjoy the other parts from the interview.

Sincerely amazed,


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