Posted by: mbconsulting | March 11, 2012

Cherry blossom and Japan!

English: The after the

Image via Wikipedia

My heart is still bleeding for Japan!

Yes, one year is passed, but the pain is not released.

I would like to go there as volunteer, if these may help Japan to recover quickly and forget the drama.

Call me Japan, if you need me there. Thanks.

One year ago there was a tremendous earth-quark in Japan and after that tsunami and after a nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

Who could ever image that such natural disaster would harm such a brave and hard-working nation? Probably it was the hardest attack that the nature decided to focus on a country.

After one year people could not still recover themselves please see the photo.

But I stand with optimism and ask them to look ahead – recover yourself with cherry and celebrate the spring and renewal.

(photo source: bing)


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