Posted by: mbconsulting | March 12, 2012

The Best Presidents

On Monday, the 20th of February, 2012, in the United States, Presidents Day was, as always, celebrated on the third Monday of February.

From my perspective there are two Great Presidents:

– the Republican- Ronald Reagan;

– the DemocratBarack Obama.

I discovered that not so many people knew that Ronald Reagan was in fact a Bachelor of Arts degree in economy and sociology and only after a while he jumped into  actor career and than into politics. The most remarkable acts were related with the foreign relation between US and Russia and between US and Germany.

Only a few may remembered, or really knew, that President Reagan was a target in an teerorist attack in 1981. It was the year when, I supposed that the former Soviet Unions decided to physically eliminate “his enemies”, such as the American President, the Egyptian President and Pope Ioan Paul. Ronald Reagan was indeed targeted with bullets, but he was not seriously affected. Instead, one of his staff member had problems upon our days.

Ronald Reagan had two dreams and both came true:

– one involved the signing of the first Treat for Nuclear Weapons with Russia and

– the other one, came true a little bit latter, and it was related with destroying the Berlin’s Wall. It was a signal for the reunification of the Germany, but much more a signal for the Eastern European countries to look for their liberty…

Unforgettable speech “Mr. Gorbaciov tear down down the wall” held by Ronald Reagan in front of the Branburghic Gates is presented below:

On the other hand the Democrat President, Mr. Barack Obama – Acting President – is is more difficult to be presented, his mandate is not yet over and intend to run for a new one. From my perspective, the most remarkable act is related with his courage and his ability to work with different forces in order to eliminate the enemies that tried to distroy one nation in a single day in September 2001.

Much more than this, I was also impressed by his speech presented at Nobel Prize for Peace received, as unusual, at the begining of his mandate. I kept into my mind his theory: the peace is the best for all the parts,but there are moments and times when only the war may bring the peace. I understood that it is a stated developed policy for dealing with conflicts for searching the peace.

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