Posted by: mbconsulting | March 26, 2012

Marina Chetner

Strolling under the warm rays of an early afternoon sun.

Starting the day in Park Slope, a brownstone lined neighbourhood in Brooklyn…

… enjoying a cup of artisinal ‘pour over’ brew from Cafe Grumpy. NB: Nothing grumpy about the coffee, freshly roasted from beans hand-picked in Las Flores. Layers of flavour notes: peach nectar and apricot, dried currant and vanilla – its a nice feeling, being transported to this Honduras coffee plantation with every sip.

A coffee-to-go in one hand, and a camera – in the other…

…  a balancing act of sipping and snapping. Pots of colourful plants line the exteriors of corner bodegas; their flowers make for photogenic subjects.

Magnolias against million-dollar brownstones; a photo worthy of a million words.

More pink hues. Splashes of colour on the pathways of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Encountering some fuzzy red bloomstry saying Calliandra Emarginata three…

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