Posted by: mbconsulting | June 11, 2012

2012 Romania – Local Election – Partial results

English: The distribution of the votes for the...

English: 2008 The distribution of the votes for the 41 County Councils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello here are the last news from 2012 Elections.

The most important achievement is the participation of the citizens – The average is around 50% from the potential electors. In the rural area the participation was around 60% , in urban area about 40%. This is the most important element that encourage  me to say that democracy is on its way.

The are is related with the results of USL (Social- Liberal Union). Based on a self-confidence USL aspired to a major party/union and a control of the local mayors and the county councils.

In facts, based on preliminary 2012 Romanian election –  8:30 AM – 11/06/2012

USL has no lost – no gain in compararion with 2008. The resistance of change/ going ahead in Romania is formed by a constant number of citizens that even is a good or a bad situation they are voting for former communists.

Of course, the biggest lossier is PDL. PDL lost about 11pp on the local site and around 20 pp on the county level. There explanations after the severe austerity measures. There are all important issues related with a Romanian trend: when the vessel is going down skip the vessel and go with another one. This tend is more relevant if we can compare the results from 2012 to ones from 2008, when PDL was an opposition and tried to gain the power even if there was a boom period.

For me, the biggest and unexpected winner is PP-DD, the party that gained around 7-8% on the local and country sides. PP-DD is a party based on persons with low incomes, his chief had a TV station and was very active on it and the majority of the announced measures are so popular that, from my perspective, are difficult  to be put into practice in a country still affected by crisis.

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