Posted by: mbconsulting | October 4, 2010

A First Look at GM’s Prototype Facebook Interface (via Unlikely Explanations)

Nice post!
I laughed but also asked myself when all you write will come true?
In 2-5 years??? I laughed again…

Monica was right: we have to ask from GM and its Prototype Facebook Interface more performances, such as parking the car.
Keep in touch and wish you all the best,

A smiling face in a new hard Monday morning,

A First Look at GM's Prototype Facebook Interface When I heard that General Motors was testing a new feature that allows drivers to post Facebook status messages while driving, I couldn't wait to try it out. So I called GM, explained that I have a blog with almost a dozen regular readers, and asked if they'd let me try the system out for a few days in exchange for some free publicity. Naturally, they jumped at this opportunity and offered me a 48-hour test drive. Tuesday, after work: I stop by t … Read More

via Unlikely Explanations


  1. herp derp

  2. thanks

  3. ghost ride that whip

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